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European Law Firm: 2019 Guide to Debt Collection in Europe

18 February 2019

2019 Guide to Debt Collection in Europe

Following the success of the first edition, the members of European Law Firm have collaborated again to publish a new guide to Debt Collection in Europe. The guide was officially launched during the European Law Firm general meeting, held in Milan at the beginning of February and was promoted to both member firms and clients of host firm and chief editor, SCF Studio Legale.

The 2019 edition has been thoroughly drafted by legal professionals in each of the network's jurisdictions. It reflects the recent changes in legislation including information on Court Proceedings, Online Civil Trial, EC Regulations, Enforcement and general information and FAQs on the recovery of foreign debt in Europe.

It is frustrating for a party that has spent months or even years fighting a claim to realise that a victory in Court is not the end of the process but merely the beginning of a new process, and worse, that such proceeding has to commence in a different jurisdiction!

This guide should be a helpful and valuable reference for both clients and attorneys looking to recover debt in another country. In particular, the guide outlines the next steps in all the network jurisdictions in actually collecting a judgment. Moreover, having some knowledge of the debt collection idiosyncrasies of a particular jurisdiction can serve as a valuable tool to preventively choose, when possible, the jurisdiction where to bring a course of action or to better select when drafting a contract.

As the law is constantly changing, we recommend that local advice is sought before any action is taken. To download a copy of the guide, please visit: https://www.european-law-firm.com/guides.aspx

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